Where to view the work

The Studio

The most intimate experience of the art can be had in the studio. Seeing the work along side the catalog of similar pieces allows for the ultimate in selection. Studio visits can be booked here.

Representing Gallery

Reinboth Design Group, Freedom Art & Music Gallery, and Hutchins AMC all have access to work upon request. If you'd prefer to deal with a representative any of these passages will do.

In Your Home

The most discriminating clients and interior designers will want to see the way the work looks in the home. This is a luxury service and can be arranged for A-List clients. To become an A-List client and request an in-home showing click here.

Upcoming Events & Shows

The most conventional method of viewing artwork, art shows and events are a social tradition for art enthusiasts and those just entering the art scene. Most events are free and open to the public. See the calendar for upcoming opportunities.