Value: Pieces and Personal

Simply stated, Erika Rachel's values and business practices are as follows:


  • Do business with good people.
    • This means working only with people who are interested in the greater good and have other people's interests in mind, not just their own. Erika wants to be sure her Art goes to good homes and that people who own her Art are looking at the big picture- everyone's happiness.


  • Price work fairly.
    • Although the prices have to be adjusted at times to cover other people's efforts and overhead (say a gallery or other venue), Erika is very fair and reasonable about her pricing. She bases her prices on many contributing factors; time, materials, depth of meaning, size, placement, and personal historical importance to name a few.


  • Art is 4 Everyone
    • It's not important to Erika what your educational background is. She doesn't care if you have an art degree or any degree for that matter. She's not concerned with where you live or how much money you make. If you want to buy her art and she approves the sale, the piece is yours.


  • Don't take advantage of people.
    • Erika believes in the old business adage "Never let a customer leave with more or less than what they need." Translated to Art; Erika will not sell someone a piece of work that isn't suitable for the intended purpose or display area. She will not sell someone a piece for more than what she feels its value is just because someone can afford to pay more.


  • Payments.
    • Erika refuses to let anyone over-extend themselves to purchase her work. If a piece is too expensive for someone to pay in one lump sum Erika is accepting of installments or payment plans. She accepts credit cards and wants good karma to surround every transaction. Read this blog post for more about Payments.