Series Work


The Compatibility series, about masculine and feminine compatibility, was brewing for quite some time. "I've thought for a long time that I wanted to try graphs and charts in relation to human experiences. Trying to quantify that which we consider abstract. The irony being, of course, that it's an abstract painting." Each piece in the series represents a certain fictional couple.

How to Be a Good...

For this series I wanted to put myself into the shoes of people who have taboo social roles and ask myself some basic questions about their life like 'Who do they care about or care for?', 'Who/what are they looking out for or protecting?', etc. I tried to picture the stereotypes of each as well as the realities of their daily life. Each piece has black and white as representing of inner moral conflict.

Clock Family

This series started with a family heirloom. My fathers beloved grandfather clock was a memory of him but not fitting for my home. I decided to break the barrier of sacredness and give the clock new meaning, thus was born "Father Time". The Family continued when I acquired a grandmother clock, then a wall clock, a second wall clock and recently a mantel clock. Each clock grows the family tree (yes, there really is one) and spreads the love of family, history, new beginnings, love, honor and of course time, to each person who owns one.


The Port series was created at Hopewell Valley Vineyard after tasting 3 of their award winning ports. The works were created live in front of an audience and the series sold to a young collector just weeks later at the Conception Event in NYC.

Fork Miniatures

"Do what you can, with what you have, where you are" couldn't be more fitting for these works. Painted with the fork they're displayed with, each framed work is less than 6 inches tall and is reverse painted on glass.