Where I paint

The Studio

My main workspace and art storage is located in Milford NJ. A large, private and quiet space is home to everything from canvas stretching to packaging artwork for delivery. Scheduled visitors are always welcome, if you'd like to visit click here.

Plein Air

Painting outdoors is delightful and sometimes necessary. Sunlight, fresh air, nature, etc are beautiful inspirations for new work.

Live Painting

I am often invited to paint live at exciting venues or quiet historic places. I don't mind chatting a little while I paint, provided the venue is conducive to conversation. Contact me to schedule live painting.


Being a resident artist is an honor. I'm inspired by so many places and cultures. Its a joy to be able to connect to a new place and its people, to separate from the usual routine, or to observe a new environment that will later influence new work. I take residency invitations very seriously and consider the opportunity of each one a gift. Click here to recommend, or invite me to a residency.

On Site

Some works demand an on site creative process. Full wall murals, extra large works that are too big for the studio, and even moveable installations (see the Barona Bus project photos on this page) all require me to leave the studio and create in the space where the work will live. Click here to start a project.