There are times in your life when you swing way outside of your normal routine. You do something extreme, you test yourself, you struggle, you purge, you binge, and hopefully at the end you come away with something beautiful.

I've had so much intake of life recently, and such a build up of over due unpainted ideas, it's time to hibernate, time to lock the doors of the studio and not come out till everything has been captured, expressed, vented, and painted.

This may be an epic time for my work. I may create work unlike anything I've made before. I may open my studio doors to reveal something magnificent that's been laying dormant for some time. But I may also just sleep. I may sit on the floor of my studio, brush in hand, thinking of my life and waiting for the moment when brush meets canvas. But I won't know unless I go to the extreme and lock those doors and close myself in. I hope for the former result, of beautiful expressive work, but for now I have to surrender to the process and let it sweep over me.

This may take days, this may take weeks, but I'll see you when the doors open.