Setting Myself Free


I strive to be authentic in my art. I also strive to inspire others, evoke emotions, make people happy and thrive in my career. 

This requires constantly evolving as an artist because I am constantly evolving as a person.

I grew up thinking the only true artists were classically trained and that everyone else was just being gimmicky. It wasn't till abstract art became my own self expression that it finally clicked for me. 

Often I start a painting with a phrase, personal position, or new decision in mind and that's where I paint from. Once the painting is finished I let it repeat back to me what it captured and from there a title is birthed. 

Other times the need to paint dictates the process. This small 16x20 is an example of that. 

Its been weeks since I had dedicated studio time, with traveling, shows and visiting clients keeping me away, but I wanted to dedicate 2 hours to making an outdoor display for my current ahow. 

I started this piece with a free outlook and an intention to merely have fun and make something functional. Something that looked like art but also served the purpose of a sandwich board side to put on the sidewalk. 

I played with new materials and tools and applications and I was surprised to see what the end result was. 

I may have set myself free to explore a new chapter in my work. I see myself expanding and making lines I never have before. Using colors and tools I'd been afraid of. 

Its amazing what you can create when you simply let go of the end result and have fun. 

Erika Rachel Sandwich Board Art

Erika Rachel Sandwich Board Art